FORUM is a socio-cultural centre, in one of the most developed areas of Tirana, to build a new model of territorial development, starting from a strong relationship with a local dimension, developing international exchanges and active processes of social inclusion, urban regeneration and cultural innovation.
Following the classic model of literary coffee, FORUM reinterprets it radically inspired by a book, which reproduces the colors (green and plants that characterize interior design), books by various publishers, but mainly gender literature.

Identity is clear: a multifaceted cultural space where you can think, see exhibitions, listen to music, all bound by the red (or green) threads of creative thinking.
In Tirana the need for such places increases dramatically, but we need to create spaces to satisfy the need for cultural activities.

FORUM Events is an innovative event service: DJ groups, preparation of presentations between plants and books, private meetings or even catering. We can organize your events, making our spaces available. Together we discuss and decide the type of event, and the rest of the organization is in our care.

FORUM is a hub for the production of cultural products)