Key People – Key Knowledge

Key People – Key Knowledge

“Key People-Key Knowledge” is an initiative financed by the European Commission and implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Përmet. The project intends to create new working/business opportunities for women and unemployed youth, reducing inequality by supporting female leadership inside business start-ups and self-employment initiatives and to give an answer adapted to the risks of economic, political and cultural marginalisation of the targeted territory. Moreover, the project intends to reinforce and facilitate development of a culture of civil society and to help increase the level of cooperation and mutual knowledge between civil society and local authorities in the area of Përmet.

Particularly, the project aims at two specific objectives: To design and to manage the start-up of an incubator for local development and to support the action of local authority to help solving different kinds of problems a) enhance youth’s and woman’s resources; b) revitalise local economy, aiming at developing responsibility and confidence in individuals and solidarity within the communities; c) build active collaboration between different actors (public and private)of the local community, with the aim of developing and co-managing local development interventions. 

In order to accomplish the ambitious objectives, the project has foreseen a diverse target group (intermediate beneficiaries), which plays a key role in enlarging the basin of final beneficiaries and thus pursuing the outputs and results of the action. Indeed, the target group comprises about 50 women from the city of Përmet and the rural area (Petran, Piskovë and Çarshovë Administrative Units), belonging to specific “categories”, each of them having a strategic reason for being involved.

Moreover, the project contributes directly to prevent, fight and eradicate the phenomenon of cultivation, trafficking and use of cannabis. Specifically, the project will contribute to deliver integrated inclusive education, employment and economic support services ensuring sustainability and community-based services.

The project has built up a series of activities and measures aimed at raising public awareness, creating and promoting the legitimate economic activity providing direct support and raise the capacities of individuals (youth and women). The lead partner, which is a Municipality, through the project, will increase the delivery of required social services and its staff will become even more capable in fighting the cultivation of narcotics through the exchange of experiences in the municipality of Palermo, where they will learn their ways in fighting trafficking and crime.