Electronic Media in the face of new challenges

Electronic Media in the face of new challenges

About the project:

The project included the translation and publication in Albanian of two important texts, which address two of the most important topics facing the media today (UNESCO publications), especially electronic and digital:

1. The danger of radicalism and extremism (not just religious), including hate speech.

2. The issue of ‘privacy’, namely: Establishing a fair relationship between the need to preserve ‘privacy’ on the one hand, and the requirement for transparency and freedom of expression as the basic principles of a democratic system, on the other.

There are two books that help for a wider information and discussion on two of the most important issues that concern the entire public opinion.

Both of these publications, more specifically: “Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Transparency: Redefining New Frontiers in the Digital Age” and “Media Literacy and Information: Strengthening Human Rights in the Fight against Radicalization and Extremism” are already published and can also be downloaded online.


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