Religious radios in Albania – Situation, Problems, Challenges

Religious radios in Albania – Situation, Problems, Challenges

Project objectives:

• To provide an inclusive and systematic overview of the issues related to the coverage of religious topics on religious radios and, more generally, on radio broadcasts.

• To help raise public awareness of the problems, challenges and dangers that a country like Albania in the era of globalization may cause, any kind of confusion, ambiguity or improvisation in such an area in which there is a great sensitivity, but yes so, and with great importance for the preservation of the harmony and religious cohesion that has existed to this day in our country.

• Special attention is paid to the relations between religion, institutions, religious symbols and secularism, as one of the basic constitutional principles on which the Albanian state is built.

In the framework of this project, a study was conducted which will provide a good basis for promoting a public debate with all stakeholders.


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